Iowa Pet Breeders Association (IaPBA) is Dedicated to the advancement of professional companion animal breeders through Education and Collaboration.

Iowa Pet Breeders Association Mentor Program

IaPBA offers to Iowa breeders a mentorship program and will assist people that are struggling or feeling overwhelmed. 

We can give you the knowledge of proper canine care or help in rehoming dogs that are in less than ideal situations. 

contact: or a Board Member for assistance

All dogs deserve to live in safe environments were their needs are meet.

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Renewal- When you log on, your name will be highlighted in blue, (upper right hand corner) CLICK, it will take you to your information page. You will need to click edit to make changes. Your personal information will all be listed there for your eyes only: phone, email, breeds you raise and if you want to be listed in the directory and on website etc.  You are able to pay your membership.

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Up Coming Conference: March  17 & 18 2023 (Friday & Saturday)

Praire Meadows Casino   Altoona, Iowa

We have a great speaker line up and awesome vendors coming! Please Join us for Education & Fun!

Call (515) 967-1000 for room reservations (have to reserve a room before Feb 15 to receive the IaPBA room rate)

When calling to reserve a room - ask for the IaPBA room rate. 

See You There!!

About Iowa Pet Breeders Association

The Iowa Pet Breeders Association (IaPBA) originated as a cooperative effort of seven determined women from six points in the state of Iowa. Today, IaPBA is offering it members valuable opportunities to collaborate with one another and advance their industry through education. IaPBA works in partnership with the Iowa Kennel Assurance Program and other organizations to promote responsible companion animal breeding.

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Iowa Pet Breeders Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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